Data here, Data there, Data everywhere!

January 8, 2009

Let’s get the ball rolling with a quick post.

As part of my co-op term at Sybase, I am given the opportunity to work with all kinds of different database formats. From my experience, it seems like every database has a specific market that it targets. That is to say, no single company has found the ability to conquer all the niche markets. With the ever-expanding range of applications that can use a database, it is almost impossible for a single database to meet every need.

The three biggest applications I can think of are desktop, mobile and online applications. Desktop applications are everywhere, I’ve seen them used for airline booking, POS systems, keeping track of medical records and even in your tax software. With the rampant increase in speed of wireless data transfer, the world is heading towards a wireless enterprise. You can have so much information readily available just in the palm of your hands. Finally, online applications is what drives the internet and behind it all is most likely a database. Where is this post that I’m writing going to be stored? How about the comment you’re going to write? What about that forum that you were just reading? The news? Your email? The internet is propelled by data. Thus, it relies on a safe, reliable and efficient way to store and retrieve it. Data is all around us, we thrive on it and is almost a necessity for our modern lives. This is why we work so hard to produce the best software we can =D.


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