Product Management: A little bit of everything

January 14, 2009

I’m just getting settled here in my role as a Product Manager (PM) and things are going quite well. The job is very interesting and the people here are great! I really like the atmosphere and the wealth of knowledge in our closely knit team of PMs. Yesterday was the first bi-weekly team meeting of the year, and my first ever. This time is usually used to inform other members of the team of current projects and developments throughout the past two weeks. Just going around the table, I was amazed to see the broad spectrum of technologies our team is responsible for. It seems like every PM has their own product or feature that they manage and own. Although everyone was taking ownership of different aspects of a product, the whole team was discussing and offering ideas on how to better improve that part. I really enjoyed the banter going back and forth, and also the ideas being tossed around. It just shows how much a PM needs to know about the technology around them. It’s our job to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest innovations, and even keeping an eye on our competitors. This is how we can get one step ahead. It’s about knowing what is out there and what isn’t out there, then finding out what customers want and filling that need. We’re pushing the boundary of technology in hopes of capturing a “new market”.

So far, second week of work has been great!


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