One Sybase. One Team. 1.13 Billion?

January 30, 2009

Two years ago, when I started my internship at Sybase, I saw posters all over the place with the words “One Sybase. One Team. One Billion.”. I pondered over this slogan for a long time actually, wondering what it meant… Finally, I was informed that Sybase was aiming to earn an annual revenue of $1 billion in 2007. Did we reach it? Of course we did.

Now, one year later…

Sybase CEO, John Chen reported that Sybase topped last year’s record earnings and finished with the best quarter and year in company history! Wow!

I’d like to say that I played a role in helping them achieve this accomplishment, but I’m just happy to be a part of it =D.

> CNET News: Sybase earnings sail past Street’s expectations
> WirelessWeek: Sybase Bests Itself
> Oakland Tribune: Sybase’s early bet on wireless paying off


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