Expected to “Carey” his team?

March 12, 2009

Being a goalie myself, I really feel for Carey Price. The good news is that he seems to be regaining his confidence and is starting to win. Not too long ago, just after the All-Star break, he went through a stretch where he couldn’t even buy a win. I can only imagine all the pressure he received playing for the most successful franchise in the NHL. It must’ve been tremendously hard on the young goalie who played so well last year.

I was considering some of the young goalies who had great expectations: Marc-André Fleury, Rick DiPietro and Carey Price. Each had their own success before entering the NHL and had huge expectations. People expected them to save their losing teams and bring them out of their misery. What have I learned from their experiences? It’s that young goalies need time to develop, especially ones with so much talent and a bright future. I still remember everyone was criticizing Fleury and he was even sent to the minors before he could shine in last year’s playoffs. I told all my friends, “Just wait”.

I think that these goalies obviously have the skill; that is proven by their past success. They are so technically sound, they have goaltending down to a science (or an art). It’s not a question of whether or not they are good enough. However, one has to realize that goaltending has a lot to do with the mind. I would think that to make the jump to the NHL requires a different mindset, one that takes time to develop… Teams need to learn not to push the young players and need to give them time. I’m glad that Price was able to (dare I say it?) break through his slump, and it looks like he’s coming out from the other side of the tunnel. Just in time for the playoffs.


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