‘Get a Mac’ vs. ‘Laptop Hunters’

April 22, 2009

Microsoft has finally taken the offense against Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ video campaign with a series of ‘Laptop Hunters’ videos. MS has chosen to target Apple where it hurts the most – price.  Especially in these tough economic times, people are less willing to spend the extra cash.

This is proven by the fact that Mac shipments dropped 3%  (but still exceeded analysts’ predictions overall in its second fiscal quarter). Although Mac shipments dropped, Apple was able to come on top because of iPod and iPhone sales. It is also expected that Microsoft’s earnings will drop because their revenue is dependent on PC sales which has dropped 7.1% in the last quarter.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has to compete against both the Mac OS and its hardware. Really, Microsoft is trying to sell its OS, but no one is going to buy an operating system without a computer. However, since the Mac OS is married with its aesthetically-pleasing hardware, Microsoft has to compete against both. It’s a tough battle, I wonder what would happen if Microsoft produced its own computers?


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