Sybase has its head in “the Cloud”

May 14, 2009

“Cloud computing” seems to be the latest buzz word in the technology world. As promised in my earlier post about Amazon’s April Fools prank, I’m going to write about the cloud. Actually, it’s good timing because Sybase just announced that it’s working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer their products on Amazon Machine Images (AMI). I knew about this earlier because I did some work for this initiative during my last work term, and I’ve been anticipating this announcement ever since I finished the term =). Now that it’s released to the public, I can blog about it!

What is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)? Well, basically it’s a huge virtual image server hosted by Amazon. They use these things called AMIs which are virtual computers that you can run and customize to suit your needs. The amount that you pay is based upon the computer’s hardware specs and how long you use it for. This recent announcement by Sybase offers pre-built AMIs with Sybase products installed on them.

I’m excited for Sybase because this could be a huge step for SQL Anywhere’s web initiative. The partnership with Amazon makes the SQL Anywhere product much more accessible, especially in the online database market dominated by MySQL. It seems like every web hosting service offers MySQL as a back-end database, it has basically become the default database for online applications. This makes it very hard for any other database to penetrate that niche. However with these AMIs, customers will be able to get their own virtual server with SQL Anywhere pre-installed and ready to go. This definitely makes it much easier to use as a web server. Also, with SQL Anywhere’s built-in web server feature, you may not even need a dedicated web server. I really hope that people won’t overlook SQL Anywhere and give it a shot. I’m sure they won’t be disappointed =D.

Look who’s the latest player in the game!



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