I’ve had over a week now to test my MacBook’s new wireless card after being sending it in for repairs. For the record, this is actually the third time that I’ve had to get my MacBook fixed during the three years since I bought it. Boy, am I ever glad that I got the three-year extended Apple Care warranty! First, the LCD backlight started to flicker; next the keyboard chipped and most recently, the wireless card stopped working. Fortunately for me, I had an Apple-authorized repair shop right on campus. This definitely saved a lot of aggravation of having to find and get to an Apple store. Although, I am quite unhappy with the quality of their hardware, I am extremely happy with the service I received. I was never asked any questions and the turnaround time was really fast (two days in the case of my most recent incident). I cannot stress how convenient having a repair shop on campus was. If I had to drive to the local Apple Store, I think my sentiments would be completely different… so kudos to CHIP. Now, I’m just hoping that this wireless card will hold out for the remainder of my MacBook’s lifespan, and that nothing else breaks. I have just over a month left in my warranty >.<.