Jacob Chiang was born and raised in the big city of Toronto, but is now living, working and studying in Waterloo.

At Work.

Being in a co-op program has given Jacob the opportunity to work in different parts of the software industry. Currently, he is a Product Manager for an industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, Sybase. This is his fifth consecutive term at Sybase.

As a Product Manager, Jacob was responsible for features, content and resources that pertain to SQL Anywhere’s web initiative and new spatial capabilities.

At School.

Jacob is studying Mechatronics (read "mechanical + electrical + software") Engineering and is in his third year of studies at the University of Waterloo.

At Play.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing Tennis, Hockey and Ultimate [frisbee].

When he is not on the court, rink or field, Jacob is an avid technophile. Since junior high, Jacob has always been "the guy" to ask about the latest and greatest computers, gadgets and software. He is passionate about technology, enjoys reading about and following the latest tech trends.

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