After discussions this past week between Canada and Facebook, the social-networking giant has agreed to make changes to comply with the nation’s privacy laws. These changes are expected to take effect within one year and affect users worldwide.

Some of the changes include:

  • Third-party applications are now required to state explicitly what information is requested and users must also consent to share their information. That’s good because I always wondered what information these third-party applications had access to.
  • Upon de-activation, users will be given the option to delete their accounts so that all their data is gone.
  • Facebook will update its terms of service to better explain what it does with information about people who aren’t Facebook users.
  • I didn’t know this was possible, but apparently when a user passes away, their Facebook profile can become an online memorial. Friends can post pictures or write on their wall. Creepy. Anyway, Facebook will now better explain what happens to a user’s account when they pass away.

As more personal information is becoming easily accessible on the internet, I think these changes are necessary to protect users.  Hooray Canada!