Freedom feels great! I finished my final exam last Wednesday and have just been recuperating and relaxing these past few days. Yesterday, I brought my sister’s guitar in for repairs. We bought it way back in 2002, but no one really used it. Recently, I picked it up and noticed that the bridge was separating from the body! It was disappointing because the guitar actually sounds really nice. I decided to bring it in to Long and Mcquade to get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix it. I figured that if it was too expensive, I might as well just get a new guitar. The repair guy told us that the repairs would cost approximately $80 for the bridge and $40 for the setup. Also, he guessed that the Art & Lutherie guitar with a cutaway would cost around $240-$270. We didn’t believe him at first, so we went to check other guitars in the showroom and it turned out he was right!

[Side story]
As I walked into the showroom, the first guitar I laid my eyes on was a Taylor GS. It was just sitting there on the guitar stand in all its glory and splendor, staring back at me and begging to be played. I slowly approached it and picked it up, immediately I noticed that it was heavy… It was without doubt built solidly. When I was playing it, I definitely felt unworthy. It was definitely an *honour* to play a Taylor.

So back to my story, I gave in and decided to get the bridge fixed and setup with new strings. I decided to get a set of 12’s (medium-light), so as not to put too much tension on the new bridge. It’s going to sound beautiful! I haven’t changed the strings on that guitar since we purchased it. It’s supposed to take two to three weeks, can’t wait!