Windows 7 on a MacBook

January 11, 2009

The long awaited *official* release of the beta version of Windows 7 was quite a memorable one. The new OS was scheduled to be posted on Microsoft’s site on January 9th, 2009. Ironically, it began with a postponing of the release date. There were so many eager beta users constantly refreshing the download page that it caused Microsoft’s site to crash and they had to bring in reinforcement servers. What a way to begin… at least the downtime only lasted one day.

After getting things back up and running again, the Windows 7 (buildĀ  7000) iso file was available for download January 10th. The download was surprisingly very quick. It only took around 2hrs for a 2.43gb file. I was very impressed considering just less than 24 hrs ago, their servers were down. The install proved to be painless using Boot Camp. I popped in the Leopard Windows drivers, everything except the sound card installed without any problems. I had to manually install the sound card (SigmaTel drivers included in the package). Oh yeah, I was using a first generation (2006) MacBook.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the new deisgn of the OS. I went straight from XP to Windows 7, I skipped Windows Vista because of its slower performance. I think the look and feel of Windows 7 is similar to Vista. Of course, the biggest change is the new Taskbar, which actually isn’t new at all! Also, I’ve downloaded the Microsoft Live suite. As a first impression, I really like how Microsoft is integrating their Live suite into the OS, enhancing application functions by taking advantage of the OS. Good job Microsoft. Anyway,I will have to poke around some more, and maybe post some photos of this beautiful hybrid =P.