Backup Solutions

January 18, 2009

A couple days ago, my external hard drive exhibited the weirdest behaviour. Usually when I turn it on, I can hear the disk spinning and a little blue light flashes (looks random, but I guess it flashes when it is performing a read/write operation). However this time, after the fan started for 2-3 seconds, it started slowing down and eventually stopped! Then, that little blue light started flashing… consistently. Not good. I was really afraid that my drive had failed. I turned it off, waited a couple minutes and restarted it. Seemed like everything was working again. I copied a couple of files and then turned it off thinking that it had overheated. Every since then, I kept it off, scared to turn it back on. So, now I’m in the market for a new external hard drive or backup solution.

I’ve been considering two options: one massive 1TB external drive or a a RAID 1 setup with two 500GB drives. I know RAID 1 is basically mirroring and I could just get two drives and copy my data, but I’m interested in playing around with RAID enclosures. They’re going down in price and it would be cool to test one out. The particular one I’m looking at is made by Mediasonic (Canadian company) and costs less than $70. Pretty good deal, if you ask me. Now, I’m considering WD or Seagate drives. Lately, I read that Seagate has been having some problems with their 7200.11 drives… looks like I’m probably going to stick with WD.

Decision:…? RAID 1 with 2x500GBs.